The Self Care Circus is Here!

We all spend time and money on our health. The choice is whether we do it now (because we want to maintain our health), or later (because we have to do damage control). If you choose now, Mama Trish & The Self Care Circus is here to help, with innovative and fun ways to make you happier, healthier, and hardier!

Music. Workshops. Meditation. Yoga. Listening Parties. Half-Hour Happy-Hour Dance Parties. Do-It-Yer-Self Workshops.  And musings on all my Tools to Deal . The Self Care Circus* helps you transform Self Care from something you have to do, into something you get to do. It’s your circus. Shouldn’t you enjoy it? Check out the calendar for current happenings!

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The Self Care Circus is Here!

Care for your Big Top and Everything Under It!

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