The Three Rings of the Self Care Circus

Couldn't find a picture of a three ring circus, so I improvised. This is a picture of 3 old-timey pay phones hanging on a grey-green striped wall. If you don't know what a pay phone is, ask an old person.
(I know, I know, just go with it.)

Whaddaya Got?!

Well, here at The Self Care Circus, our offerings are various and varying. We come right to your school, business, club, or retirement community. (Or for music, your pub, restaurant, or shindig-party-type-event.) You can choose from any of the following workshops, parties, shows, and classes, or enquire within for anything your little heart desires that it doesn’t see presently. (Within the boundaries of Good Taste and Propriety, of course!) For current happenings, go to here.

RING ONE: Movement & Music

Mama Trish Makes Music. Rock from Beatles to Zeppelin, Old Standards, ’80’s Piano Ballads, Reheheaaalllly Old Standards (1600s and newer), Holiday Music, Minor Key violetta riffing for Halloweens and Renfaires, Ukulele-La-La’s, and Homemade Swampy-Garage-Pop-Punk with my band, Mama Trish vs Godzilla! Instruments: My Voice, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Violetta, Mandolin, Harmonica, Kazoo, whistling, and some humming. I know this seems like a lot, but I am SchizoPhonic. I just can’t listen to/play the same thing all the time. (We’re always working on putting together new events, latest brainstorm: “The First Church of Beatles”, where Beatles fans and Beatle-Loving musicians alike will “Come Together” to play and sing. Heheh…)

A brass number 9 on an apartment building. (Every time I have to remember the number 9 for something, I hear The Beatles' song. Whaddaya got?! I got song-related OCD...)
“Please turn to Number 9 in your hymnals. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9…”

Yoga For Owies

Unrolling a blue yoga mat... and a world of possibilities
Yoga. It makes everything better.

Yoga for anyone who thinks they can’t do yoga, Yoga For Owies shows you how yoga meets you right where you are. It burns me when all the people in yoga mags are perfect, when those of us with the most to gain from yoga are decidedly not! With Awareness, Adjustment, and Alignment anyone can do yoga! (We do Chair Yoga and Wheelchair Yoga as well.) It’s not the “final, finished” pose that matters , it’s the ground you cover on the path. We’ll help you get there, because we know self care!

(Mama Trish has over 250 hours yoga teacher training certification, yoga therapy training, & 25 years experience teaching and utilizing yoga principles and movement in her own recovery.)

(The endorsements are pouring in…)

Movement (with Yoga alignment)

I like to get my goof on, and when I do, I get my goof on Parade Style! With high-energy, uplifting music, get down like you’re leading your own parade. (Little kids have got it, man. Dancing is not about what it looks like from the outside, it’s about what it feels like from the inside.) Have a blast with weird-harold dance moves like:

  • Makin’ Biscuits
  • Pullin’ Taffy
  • Zombie Dance Party
  • Little Bird
  • The Rockette
  • The Paparazzi (“No Pictures, Please!”)
  • The Cab Calloway
  • “Did somebody order a Knuckle Sandwich?!”
  • The Twist, Mama Trish-Style (“The Trisht?!”)
  • The Shimmy
  • “Houston, we have a FULL MOON!” 
  • And many, many others that’ll get you Groovin’ and Guffawing!

RING TWO: Medicine & Mojo

Things to make you feel/smell/look/work great!

one hand pouring a drop of oil into the other hand. (I call it snake oil, but I don't think it has real snake in it...)
Why buy some charlatan’s snake oil when you can make your own?!

“Make It Your Own Dang Self!” workshops and classes on everything from Art to Percussion, Recipes to Poetries, Skincare to Cleaning Solutions, Self Care Tools to Smell-Goods, fools! (< You know what? Just go ahead and read that whole paragraph like Mr. T. I’ll wait…)

RING THREE:  The Monkey Mind

A white monkey with a black face and a funny grimace
(This guy looks like everyone’s 2nd grade school picture.)

Do you wish to entertain the monkey mind with a distraction, or just get it to “Chillllllllllllll, Monnnkeyyyy!”?* Well, The Self Care Circus is here for you! From meditation, to Om-ing (<great for everyone, but especially powerful for Singers, and folks with breathing and ear, nose, and throat issues!), from Listening Parties (Jazz, Swing, or Classical), Shindigs (Theatrical Readings of Children’s Classics, “Half-Hour-Happy-Hour Dance Parties”) to Performance (solo, acoustic, piano, wandering minstrel, busker, original rock band, etc…) The Self Care Circus has something for every occasion. We’re very adaptable. (See? Sez so right HERE.)

*Extra Points if you automatically read that like Pauly Shore. Deduct 10 points if you don’t know who Pauly Shore is. Deduct a bajillion points and go sit in the corner if you don’t know who The Beatles are.

First and foremost, taking care of yourself should be fun. Not enjoying food or exercise or playing an instrument is why so many folks just give up. You won’t have that problem with The Self Care Circus. Life is too short to hate what you’re doing.

Feel free to contact us with your ideas. (Seriously, whaddaya got?!) The Circus is organic and evolving. Grow and change with us!

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This here's the Self Care Circus logo. It's a line drawing of a smiling bear on a tricycle, with the words "Self Care Circus" and "Care for your Bigtop and Everything Under It" below it. I came up with the original drawing, and Danielle Heslep Designs made it all slick and tech!
Care for Your Bigtop and Everything Under It!