The pic for the FAQ's page is a black and white string, with a black wooden clothespin hanging from it, holding an index card with a question mark on it. The picture equivalent of "Whaaa?!"
What the hell is going on here?!

So what is this place? 

This is the interweb headquarters of all things Self Care Circus, all things that are fun and interesting for me, all things Mama Trish related. Music and Self Care and Art and Literature and Poetry and Science and Metaphysics and Music and Food and Drink and Dogs and Random Fiddly Bits. I hope that you learn a few helpful things and are inspired and entertained in the process. It’s cathartic to write about things, and they say we teach that which me most need to learn, so at the very least I am talking to myself about important things to do, think, eat, and know. (I hope I take my own advice…)

Whaddaya know from Self Care?

 Well, I have a lot of pain. In ’09 I was stopped in my F-150 (King cab, extended bed, with a cap) and someone plowed into my ass-end doing 45 mph. Totalled my beloved “Mother Trucker”, and didn’t help me much, neither. 7 ruptured and bulging discs. I am in constant pain. (Wanna to learn “Yoga For Owies”, or “Self Care on a Budget”, I’m your gal!) Self Care’s the only thing that keeps me from being drugged up and in a wheelchair. Complete and utter immobility is a powerful motivator. In the immortal words of Dory in “Finding Nemo”, “Swimming, Swimming, just keep swimming…”

Where can I catch The Circus?

Mama Trish’s Self Care Circus is all over Gainesville, FL! You can catch shows and workshops on The Calendar page. (Things are sparser Post-Covid than they were in “The Earth That Was”, but will be picking up as everyone gets their vaccinations. (Nothing like a world-wide pandemic to drive home the need for Self Care, eh?) If you want to be a part of the Circus, drop us a line with the word “booking” in the title. We’ll get back to you asap!

Who are you? Who who who who?!

(Amongst other things, I am someone who enjoys The Who…)

I’m Mama Trish. I have a weird and wonderful skill set. A Healer friend of mine calls me, “The Queen of Self Care.” I’ll take that. My life’s work is making myself (and others) feel better. I know some stuff. Hope it helps.

Got your own questions?

Ask away! Mi self care es su self care!

I came, I signed, I kicked ass!