I used to have a calendar before the apocalypse…

A skeleton in a pensive position contemplates the meaning of life and what to have for lunch
The endless contemplation of what to have for lunch…

I did my first guest blog post last week!

“Polishing up Your Hobo Skills: Creativity in Crisis”

I have decided to just open the floodgates and see where the deluge takes me! Have the following projects in the works:

“Mama Trish’s Quarantini Half Hour Happy Hour from The Shower”

The Gainesville Musician’s Singalong

Self Care Circus’ “Out-There-Care” (You raggedy? We can help!)

“Beatles’ Brunch”

I do hope you will join me for whatever weird-harold sh*t I can find to do. If you thought things were entertaining when I wasn’t bored, hold on to your hats, folks…

I booked it. I signed my name.